Klinica Physiotherapy is physiotherapy treatment clinic. All our practitioners are highly experienced, registered with HCPC and CSP and offer excellent treatment and customer service in the filed of rehabilitation and management. Our clinic is located in the main streets; easy accessible via by walk, public transport and cars. Also, for visitors parking spaces are readily available in the surrounding areas.

We offer treatment to various musculoskeletal and sport injuries like neck pain, Lower back injury, Sciatica, Arthritis, Shoulder pain, knee injuries, whiplash disorders and provide finest diagnosis, exceptional treatment and advice to our patients for quicker recovery.

Joint mobilisation

It is a passive hands on movement technique applied in spine to reduce stiffness and pain.


Home exercises program for consisting of stretching and strengthening exercises to facilitate patient recovery.Postural education and Advice to improve and correct bad posture.


Treatment consisting of machines like Ultrasound, TENS to reduce pain and enhance recovery process.

Hands on techniques

Hands on techniques like DSTM, Trigger point therapy to release tenderness and tightness in muscles.