Klinica Physiotherapy is now open for face-to-face physiotherapy treatment. We are following government guidelines and implementing necessary COVID-19 safety measures to keep you and our staff safe.
We are open in order to assist those in pain in this stressful time and to help you recover fitness after illness, surgery or injuries.
We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have put strict health and safety measures in place that follow Public Health England (PHE) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) guidelines to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.
These measures are necessary, as the risk of virus transmission during face-to-face physiotherapy activity are heightened, as the therapist and patient are highly likely to be in close contact (i.e. separated by less than two metres). Please read and abide by the following measures.
Booking and appointment criteria
Before booking, you’ll be asked screening questions and will be informed of the procedures in place and safety measures which we have implemented for patients and staff, so you know what to expect.
Please call 0178 455 7330 or email to arrange a free phone consultation prior to making a booking.
We’ll ask why you’re requesting a face-to-face appointment, and offer remote video consultations when the benefit of attendance is outweighed by the risk and/or if you do not feel comfortable to come in to the practice.
We will need additional consent for face-to-face appointments; we have a consent form we will supply you with when you book.
You won’t be able to have a face-to-face appointments if:
  • You have confirmed OR suspected COVID-19 OR
  • You have or have had in the last seven days symptoms of a cold or flu-like symptoms
  • You live with OR have been in contact with confirmed OR suspected COVID-19 afflicted people OR have symptoms of the illness
  • You are considered high-risk and extremely vulnerable
  • You have travelled within the last two weeks
Staff and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Practitioners will wear PPE in accordance with PHE guidelines: masks, disposable blouse/apron and gloves as deemed appropriate.
Clinic uniforms will be laundered daily at high temperatures.
What we’re doing
A high standard of hygiene is practiced by staff at Klinica to minimise risk of transmission. Therapists will clean and disinfect the couch, chairs and all touch points/surfaces between uses.
Treatment sessions will be spaced out with staggered times to avoid contact with other patients and to allow cleaning/disinfecting between clients.
Therapists will wear a mask and will clean hands prior to and after the sessions. If the toilet is used (in exceptional circumstances), it will be disinfected as regularly as possible during the day.
Aeration of the rooms will be increased.
We regret that you will have to expect slightly less comfort as pillows, couch covers and chairs will be covered with disposable plastic, and all our magazines at reception will have disappeared!
What to bring and do before arriving at Klinica
  • Arrive on time at your appointment; if you arrive too early, you may have to wait outside the practice
  • If you are accompanied, your companion will be asked to wait outside the clinic (an exception is made for minors)
  • Arrive wearing your personal mask or face-covering and keep this on before entering the building. This is as per government recommendations due to you being within two metres of someone you don’t normally meet and in an enclosed space
  • Keep your phone in your bag or coat
  • Arrive with as few belongings as possible
  • Use your own toilet before coming to the practice

On arrival at the practice and within the practice

  • Clean your hands as soon as you enter the practice with your personal hand sanitiser or with the one provided at the reception.
  • If you need to dispose of tissues, please use the pedal bin provided at reception
  • In case you need to wait for your appointment, only use the plastic chair at the reception
  • Avoid touching anything and particularly door handles, stair rails, and other equipment

In the treatment room

  • You will be asked to put your coat/clothes on the plastic chair
  • Couches are covered with plastic to allow disinfection
  • All fabric equipment has been removed (chairs, towels, covers)
  • We will use minimal physiotherapy and exercise equipment and if in use only if they can be protected/disinfected
Payment for sessions and leaving Klinica
Payments can be made by card or over the phone to avoid contact with a card machine, or electronically via email link or bank transfer. No cash or cheques will be accepted.
Please call 0178 455 7330 to pay for your treatment either prior to or after your session; you must pay on the day of your session.
If the card machine is used, the machine will be disinfected inbetween patients.
On leaving the practice, the therapist will take you outside or provide you with disposable paper so that you can grasp the handle.
Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Stay alert, control the virus and save lives.